Blue Shirt Day

Blue Shirt Day

Take action against bullying, animal abuse and other issues.

Here are a few important issues you can take action on today and this upcoming week.

Blue Shirt Day

Monday, October 1 is Blue Shirt Day. You can order a special shirt just for the day here, but you can also simply wear a blue shirt and ask everyone else to wear one in solidarity against bullying. You can also ask local schools and businesses to participate, offer to serve as a mentor for both children who are bullied as well as bullies who could use some guidance, and model appropriate respectful behavior to children every day.

Protect elephants

Click here to send a message to the USDA and ask that they pass regulations that help protect elephants. Although these rules were agreed upon years ago, they have been stalled by special interest groups who would benefit from the rules not being enforced and stand to make a profit otherwise. Circuses especially stand to lose a lot of money from these regulations, since they would probably stop many harmful elephant “rides.” It’s very important that the USDA hear from us!

You can also watch the brief documentary, “Juliette’s Journey,” about a teen who strives to help elephants. After learning about Juliette, you’ll never think that you’re just one person who can’t do anything again! The video is free and available on YouTube.

Tell Samsung no more child labor

The Samsung products in your home may have been made at the hands of children. A recent investigation proved that several children were working in a Chinese factory that produced Samsung (and other brand) products. Like the adults in the workshop, these children receive few days off—maybe three a month, if that—and work 11 hours a day, making only 70 percent of the wages adult workers are paid. They are also breaking the law, as these are violations of Chinese labor laws (as well as American ones). Ask Samsung to stop using child labor to make their products at here.

Ban the gas chamber for animals

If you love animals and it breaks your heart that the gas chamber is often used in pet shelters to put them to sleep, click here to get a script to use and call your local representative to ask that such chambers be outlawed. To send an e-mail message, click here. Like the elephant actions above, this one is provided by In Defense of Animals.