Bulldog Colors

Bulldog Colors

Of the many things that make English Bulldogs so loveable, the myriad colors they come in is surely one of the most fun things about them.  According to the breed standard from the American Kennel Club, bulldogs are accepted in six different color varieties, which includes patterns as well.  Listed below are the AKC color standards, in order of preference:

Red Brindle
The red brindle is a common brindle, but in the beautiful red tones that mark the bulldog’s unique appearance.

All Other Brindles
All other brindles would include brown, black, golden and anything else that is not “red”.

Solid White
Unique and stunning, a solid white bulldog is sure to draw attention.

Solid Red, Fawn or Fallow
These solid colors are the only solid colors (not counting white) that are fully accepted by the AKC.

Piebald is a unique patterning of a solid color and white, similar to a pinto horse.  Piebalds patches can be a solid color or a brindle.

Inferior Qualities of all of the Foregoing
When there is dilution or muddying of the color genes but they still reflect one of the above colors, they will be allowed.

Black is frowned upon and can be a detriment in the show ring, unless it occurs as part of piebald patches.

The sheer variety available in these colors and patterns make each litter of bulldog puppies a surprise waiting to happen.  Bulldogs really do come in a wide range of colors, and while some may not be up to show standards, they sure do make for interesting and beautiful pets.