Bulldog Held for Ransom

Bulldog Held for Ransom

"Rest in peace, Jagger the bulldog. "

In another case of society sinking to its lowest depths, an English bulldog was found dead this month, after his owner received many text messages demanding money and drugs or the dog would be tortured slowly.  This is wrong on so many levels, I don't even know where to start.

The dog may have been dead before the messages were sent, and was found near train tracks three days after he disappeared.  The owner, Jennifer Thomas, reports having seen two people in her driveway when he disappeared.  No word from the autopsy has been published about whether or not he died from being hit by the train or if he was already dead.  Thomas, a wheelchair-bound woman in Woodland, WA, tearfully read the ransom messages in a report on a Portland TV channel.The dreadful things people are willing to do for money never ceases to amaze me.  Then again, I think slaving for 80 hours each week for a paycheck is a pretty dreadful thing to do for money, but taking an innocent life, be it human or animal, tops the list of atrocious acts.

I hope those people are wallowing in misery and guilt after doing this, but something tells me they have already forgotten and are moving on to their next victim.  There should be a special place, and extra special punishment, for people who are willing to hurt animals and children.  They deserve their own special kind of torture.

Rest in peace, Jagger the bulldog.  Though I never knew you, the tragedy of your death has left its mark on this world.