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Grooming Your Bulldog

When you have a bulldog, it's important that you take good care of him/her. There are responsibilities that come along owning any pet, and bulldogs sometimes need a little extra TLC to keep them in peak condition.  You need to be sure that your bulldog is cleaned regularly and that they are properly groomed to keep their coat looking healthy, and to cut down on the amount of hair that they can leave lying around your floors and furniture. Most bulldogs love the attention while being groomed so make sure you make this a regular part of your week.

You should brush your bulldog several times a week to remove loose dead and dirty hair.  Frequent grooming is easier and quicker than waiting until your bulldog looks as though he needs brushed and will be a more pleasant experience for both dog and owner.  It is best to use a brush that is specifically designed for dogs with short coats.  Find one that has soft bristles or one that is made of rubber, as these are better at teasing out the loose hair.  The Brush Buddy is an ideal grooming product for bulldogs.

Begin brushing at the tail, and brush into the hair, against the grain.  Go over your bulldog a second time, this time brushing the hair to smooth it down the way it naturally lies.  This will not only help to remove any shedding hair, but also distributes their natural oils along their coat, making it softer and shinier.  There are specialist brushes and grooming gloves available to help with this final brush if you want to give your dog's coat an extra lustre.

Clean in and around all wrinkles with a damp face cloth or a baby wipe.  This is very important for bulldogs, as wrinkles can act as a home for bacteria and fungus, which can cause infection and irritation.  Regular cleaning is key to keeping these folds of skin clean and healthy.  You can also add a dusting of baby powder to keep the wrinkle fresh and moisture free.  If you bulldog has dark stains around the eyes these can be faded away with a solution of boric acid applied with a cotton ball and carefully dabbed into the skin.  You can also find stain removal lotions and whitening creams at your local pet store.  Wipe away any tears or discharge from the eyes with a damp cloth each day to stop the stains from reappearing.
By grooming your bulldog this way, you keep his/her hair and skin healthy.

While you are in the mood for brushing, don't ignore their teeth.  You can find dog toothbrushes with soft bristles in any pet store as well as specially formulated dog toothpaste.  There are also clever little brushes which you can slip on your finger to brush your the outside of your bulldog's teeth.  Brush their teeth once a week to keep their teeth free of plaque and their mouth clean and fresh.
Start as you mean to go on with your bulldog, by getting them used to grooming from an early age.