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Fideaux Doesn’t Have to Stay Home This Christmas

If you have a short-nosed dog such as Bulldog, Boston Terrier, Pug or Boxer, you are probably familiar with the breathing trouble that is particular to those types of dogs.  Not only can it cause you sleepless nights by giving your dog the most unattractive snore (our Boston could shake the walls), it can also serious health problems, and even death when these breeds get stressed out.

Many major airlines are cracking down on allowing brachycephalic dogs and cats to fly because so many were dying from the stress of traveling.  Even if you were willing to accept the risk to get your beloved dog where he needs to go, many airlines just will not transport these breeds.Fortunately, some private companies are stepping up and providing special transport services just for pets.  This has been so popular that over one-quarter of dogs flown on these private flights are brachycephalic dogs such as Bulldogs.  The price tag is pretty hefty, however, so be prepared when you get ready to fly your dog on a private flight offered by companies such as Pet Airways and Pet Jets, where a cross country one-way trip can run more than $800.

Pets are treated well and the high price tag is usually worth it to transport your beloved friend with you on a move or lengthy vacation.  When options are few, flying your brachycephalic pet on a private airway may be the only way to get him or her where you need them to be.