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Two bulldogs may be better than one

As I’ve talked about in the past, and many of you bulldog owners know, bulldogs need a lot of attention or they can act out in ways that are destructive. But, what if you have to go to work for the day and leave your bulldog alone? We can be great pet owners, but anyone with a career cannot possibly spend all day home with their dog, it’s not realistic. Also, for those who do work from home, we all need some time to do what we have to do without needing a dog trailing behind us. So, how can you put an end to this?

I’ve talked to many people who are faithful bulldog owners. They informed me that the absolute best thing you can do for your bulldog is get them a friend. If you can handle the responsibility, you may want to get another dog to keep your bulldog happy. This will give them the constant companionship they crave, give you some free time and also prevent them from causing mischief when you not home. When you bulldog has a friend to turn to during times of boredom, all of their bold behavior will disappear.

From people experience, bulldogs do best with other bulldogs. You should also try to introduce them while they are just puppies. However, if you have an older bulldog that you wish to get a companion for, you should get a younger puppy. A younger puppy is less intimidating for your bulldog and their less likely to become territorial when you bring the little guy home. Two bulldogs can be much better than one and twice the fun.