October 2008

my dog is ill and I'm unaware of what her illness is

I have two dogs that got in a fight over food. One bit the other on the nose. Now the dogs whole nose is swelling and i think she could have possibly retracted heartworn disease. Now not only she is bleeding and swelling in that one place on her nose, she is also bleeding above both eye brows, she has had no contact with my other dog and i have no clue as to why she is bleeding, so if can help any please email me at sshoe333@yahoo.com Thanks!

I have a new mixed aulstralian sheperd - akita i wanna tell about him here on this site.

I am Amanda Sepulveda and I wanna tell the site about my new dog/pup. First here's a little bout me. I am 12 and my bday is June 27 1990. I live in Texas and go to Horace Mann Jr. High. Now heres some stuff about my dog/pup! I have a new aulstralian sheperd-akita. He was born in February 2002 and hes now about 8 months. His colors are brownish-red, black and white. Hes very playful loves treats and plays with his favorite ball. I got him in i think August. He has a friend Angel a mutt. But im not gonna get into her right now.

Wanted: Pittbull Puppy

I am looking for a pitt bull puppy possibly around the end of the summer, August (really anytime would be ok but this is just a preferance). I woould perfer to have a brindle male but would love any color or sex (it actually doens't even necessarily a puppy, any age is ok as well). It must be good with other pets and very freindly with all people. I am a college student and therefor do not have a lot of money, but will consider all prices.

found a stray cat and think it is pregnant ? please HELP ??!!!!

hi i found a stray cat and took it in she seems to be growing in her stomach much like my other cats have befor in the past when pregnent she doesnt like to be held much anymore and likes to sleep and lay down on her sides however her nipples have not yet begun swell or sag if you know anything else about telling if a cat is pregnant or if you have any tips you could give please reply thanks very much nicole

have ? about my dog

i have a pitbull that is like 8 weeks old when i went to pick him up the mom was there i could tell that she was pure bred the male however to m kind of looked like an american bulldog.........what are a few ways i could tell if hes pure bred or not?.....he seems to b a little to young to jus b able to look at and tell.

My kitten is sucking on my other kitten

I have two 7 week old kittens. I've had them living with me for one week. My friend owns the mother and said that once the kittens started eating real food that I could take them. I've just started noticing about two days ago that one of the kittens is sucking on the other kitten. When I pull her away, she goes right back and continues sucking on the other one. What should I do? Take her back to her mother? Should I keep pulling them apart whenever she does it? Please help.