November 2008


Our puppies have arrived, 11 in total; we have 8 females and 3 males. Puppies were born May 11th, 2003 MOTHERS DAY. We own both Mother and Father.. Mother is ADBA registered and Father is ADBA and UKC..Both parents run Championship bloodlines. This a sample of the Mothers line ( McFarlings, Bergerons,Lowmans and Sadars). This is Fathers ( Wilrox,Lar-san,Contreras,Desert-fire, and Wildfire). We will be asking $500.00 firm, not including shipping if needed. Pups will have first set of shots and dewormed.If you have any questions please e-mail or phone.

sick feral cats

For the past ten years I've been feeding a large colony of feral cats. Most have been spayed or neutered, and I live in the country so the colony is pretty much stable. For the past month I have been noticing that the colony is dwindling in size and I have fond 4 dead cats all of who have vomit on their bodies and appear to have lost a great deal of weight. Some of the cats are now 8 to 10 years old, so it could be natural attrition. I have just discovered one sick cat whom has lost a great deal of weight and appears to be very listless.

a new pittbull

I'm about to adopt a pittbull puppy,she is 5 months old and was severly abused but her pervious owner. She was starved and almost froze to death. She is very quite and most likely will be like like always. Do you think is a wise choice??

11 mo old male pittbull

looking for a home for a lovable 11mo old male pitt lots of spunk. I have to let him go because I can't have him in my rental property. Pls contact. I love him and would like to put in a good home the thought of him being put to sleep hurts me very much. NEED ASSISTANCE IN NORTHERN VA!!!

how do you heal the heart

i had the sweetest brindle female pitt,i really became attached to her for the six years we were together.when she was around 4 she became ill with cancer.she survived for 2 years on alot of medications and vet visits.its been three years since shes been gone and now i am ready for a blue female pitt