February 2009


I need info on a Modeling School.how to contact them and the location.anyone with the right info contact me.Thanks!

Rednose Pups..

We have a litter of pups due May 10th, 2003.. I own both Mother and Father.. Mother is ADBA and Father is ADBA and UKC registered. We will be asking $500.00 firm.. If you have questions please feel free to e-mail.. I do have pictures of the parents.

new family member

I recently adopted a wonderful german shepherd fro the local humane society. She has been a great addition to my home. She had been picked up due to abuse and neglect. The poor girl had been tied outside on a cement slab. She has been treated for heart worm and is recovering well. Despite her poor early treatment she is friendly and always tries to please. However, she still seems to be having trouble putting on weight. I have been feeding her Eagle Pack supreme diet 8-9cups a day and two cans.

can't keep cats out of attic

We have an open attic area in our garage which we use for storage. the floor to the storage area is actually our bedroom ceiling. We have cats that jump up in the storage area when we open the garage door. It wouldn't be a big deal except that the cats jump around and my husband and I up---bad kitties--- I have put moth balls up there and that sprinkle cat repellent stuff. It's NOT WORKING. Any ideas? Putting screen or fencing up is unrealistic and only a last resort.Help

Pitt pups

I have 3 Male APBT's left from my last litter. They are Quad registered with UKC, ABDA,WKC and NKC. All have fourth generation pedigrees and have been temperament tested at 50 days. Comes with first shots, health certificates and 1 yr contract guarantee against any mental or physical defects. I am a small NKC approved kennel which concentrates on the betterment of the breed not color. If you want a color go buy some Crayons. If you want a great dog come see me. I'm taking Best offer on last three males left. Price is not my concern, GOOD HOMES are. I live in Tallahassee Fl.

"Pitbull pups" - aligator bloodline for sale

Staten Island, New York Mother is a beautiful 75 pound 2 year old bluepit. The father is pure white with brindle ears and is 60 pounds of muscle and just over a year old. The pups are absolutely gorgeous and are all unique in color and markings. There are 10 pups to choose from the liter. 3 males and 7 females. These pups will be big boned and have have big heads. Serious inquires only please. The pups are going on seven weeks and will be ready to make new homes asap. 1718-876-8847 Ask for Steven...

losing his teeth

I have a birman ktten six months old and he seems to be losing his teeth. is this normal?????? he's lost several in the past 24 hours. the vet said he's losing his baby teeth, but i have never had a cat do this before. if you have any info please contact me thank you

Reptiles for pets

hi. I need to know what kind of reptile would be right for me. It would be my first time having one. I need one that doesnt take too much to make it happy. I also need one that would be safe to have with a baby around the house. I would like it to be kinda cheap also. Please help me.