June 2009

Bulldog Owner Bludgeons Pet to Death

Charles Berube of Methuen, Massachusetts has given what he believes is an excuse for murder by tool—poverty. berube says his Bulldog, Spot, whom he’d had for over ten years, had taken ill last July.

When he could not afford to pay a veterinarian to euthanize the dog, he took it upon himself to do so in the most humane way possible—which, as everybody knows, is death by hammer (the second-most humane being, of course, having your intestines ripped out by being stretched on a rack).

Now Berube, 53, who had his first court date on Thursday, is facing animal cruelty charges. His trial by jury is set for August 20.

Ten years… wow. Hamster, dog, millipede, I don’t care what kind of pet it is, if you’ve had it for over a decade, don’t you think some kind of more kindly goodbye is warranted? Something a little more warm and fuzzy than being bludgeoned to death?