November 2011

Bulldog Colors

Of the many things that make English Bulldogs so loveable, the myriad colors they come in is surely one of the most fun things about them.  According to the breed standard from the American Kennel Club, bulldogs are accepted in six different color varieties, which includes patterns as well.  Listed below are the AKC color standards, in order of preference:

Common Health Problems with Bulldogs

Bulldogs are a great companion breed; full of character and a perpetual puppy attitude that instantly endears them to almost everyone they meet.  If you are here, you probably already know how wonderful bulldogs can be.  What you may not be aware of are some very serious potential health problems that plague some bulldogs.  Understanding the risks when you get a bulldog can help you be prepared and prevent heartache down the road.

Bulldog Rescue Organizations

All of the things that make bulldogs unique, such as their perpetual puppy personalities, their adorable faces and their joy in constant attention, also serve to cause them problems with inexperienced owners.  Bulldogs require special owners, and are a terrible breed to bring home on impulse.  As a result, many bulldogs end up being placed in rescue situations or meet sad fates.

Fideaux Doesn’t Have to Stay Home This Christmas

If you have a short-nosed dog such as Bulldog, Boston Terrier, Pug or Boxer, you are probably familiar with the breathing trouble that is particular to those types of dogs.  Not only can it cause you sleepless nights by giving your dog the most unattractive snore (our Boston could shake the walls), it can also serious health problems, and even death when these breeds get stressed out.

Many major airlines are cracking down on allowing brachycephalic dogs and cats to fly because so many were dying from the stress of traveling.  Even if you were willing to accept the risk to get your beloved dog where he needs to go, many airlines just will not transport these breeds.